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Awed ..

And miles to go before i sleep, And miles to go before i sleep … .. .. .. Advertisements

Wonderful music..

Man, i just found out about Loreena Mckennit . She is such a brilliant singer !!!! no more words to describe.. this says it all –

A Mathematician’s Lament

LockHartsLament The article talks for itself.. Beautifully written.. I wish one day i could put forward my thought in such an organized and calm manner despite the frustrations and anger and emotions..


YEAH BABY… exams over !!! (well almost..) finally through with so much shit… time to enjoy !!!


The INMO results are out…. although i did not write(did not even qualify for it :P) … really thought some of them would qualify and some names were a complete suprise. Anyway all the best to those who cleared and those who did not…well try again next year.


I MEAN WHAT THE HELL????? Arsenal is playing with 11 players..yes 11 but 4 of them are completely switched off..and dormant man! and those 4 r the defenders!!!! Horrible! … Drogba’s pace is just extra-ordinary,.. in the replay u cud see in slowmotion the comparitive motion of vermaelen and drogba…drogba seemed to be running if vermaelen was walking!!!! .. beaten by […]


ya well i am in an exceedingly irritated mood… MY SCHOOL ISNT GIVING HOLIDAYS EVEN NOW!!!!!! ….. with 1 month to go for the all awaited – “BOARD”.. they could have (no should have) given us an off.. TO top it all after 1 month full of their friggin’ exams…we now have assignments and tests !!!! […]