I do like Women, But really.. I love Math.

So, 4-year hiatus. What ever happened in that time ?? .. This could help –

So.. I have an interesting story to tell.. I am currently pursuing Msc.Mathematics in BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Batch of 2013 – 2018. Already a tad unusual.. Science stream?.. in India?.. Engineering nahi mila kya?
hold your horses Indian placement worshipping youth! ..
I passed my high school board in 2012.
As a keen observer would notice, there is gap of 1 year and that shall be the prestige – the final say of this post.
I joined Mechanical Engg in BITS Goa, 2012 – 2016 batch.
I quit it after 1 semester.
Wrote BITSAT again.
Applied again.
Took Msc Mathematics.
Weird?.. not used to love for a subject or science?.. don’t worry.. we can work something out.
… .. …
So.. I fall in love with a girl,Mad(th)eline.. she is not all that hot at first.. It was really a friendship start to romantic end-type. I met her with her geeky glasses, took tedious amounts of work to interact with her. Hours on the phone about her problems, I did like solving problems of other people, I admit. I became decently good at it. The smile in her face at the end was totally worth sorting out her endless questions.
This all is back in 8-9th grade, so .. it was – puppy love. Cute and innocent with no radical implications.
So, I shaved for the first time in 10th!.. apparently , it was time I go propose to her.. what with all the masculinity in a few stubs of hair.
Actually.. I was almost sure that she would accept me. I was very faithful, dedicated and ignorant of the friend-zone concept at the time.
Having already made out with her quite a few times, .. but was denied a home-run (so say the baseball people). Still for a 10th grade Indian, to have made out with a girl, puts him along with George Clooneys’ and Brad Pitts’ in his mind.
So I took a bigger step , 10th grade me goes to his parents and says – “I love Madeline.” ” I want to be with her full time”. Now, I am an Indian, a conservative Tambrahm at that, in total contrast, She was a foreigner with a beauty out-of-the-world . So, the reaction is quite predictable really.. a couple of weeks of parents poring on where their awesome bringing up of their kids with no talk of birds and bees (bird – crow. bees – honeybees. period.). They were just so aghast, at the immaturity (or so they believed) and did the usual reactions.. apart from “abhatcharam! abhatcharam! abhistoo! school eduku da ponna? padikava? illa love pannava?” (idiot! why did you go to school? to learn or love?)
I obviously made things worse saying, “Actually, she is not there in my school. Only ordinary girls. I met her in a library”
BOOM !!!..
Explosion. Run for covers.
Ok not that bad. But still bad.
We moved our house across the city, transferred to a tam-brahm caste only school with vedic instruction included.
I lived hell, and learned to not provoke its already intense anger by smiling or laughing. I gave in to it, with the occasional frustration and tears. It was relatively okay with me, as long as I kept with the regulated amount of sad tears per week. Life moved on aimlessly, I was always off-balance.. turns out you can’t walk with a foot in and other out. I determinedly hopped on one at times but running is too slow with one foot hopping.. So my athletic prowess was slowly fading away..
Anyway I promise to give hell, hell, .. so lets make this post a bit more funny.
There was a final race in the school, one which decided our college,
I fell back by 100’s.. got some BITS Go – ah??
Contemplated on whether I should go or not.. tried to make a responsible decision. Due to some calf strain (one-foot hopping is not easy!) , I was too tired, so let my parents decide.
So I arrive in Go – ah?.. Determined to not smile, be happy or anything without my long lost love. .. I spent a semester. In hibernation. Literally. Docs would have been terrified at a person with the following schedule :
1. Sleep.
2. Wake up .. play football.
3. Eat.
4. Sleep.
Football, was the only thing, me and Madeline never discussed. So it was a safe haven for a while.
So. I zombie my way through 1 semester. Notoriously not being social or technical. After all, Why make out if not with her??..
At the end of the semester, I received an electric shock. Turns out I touched a live wire for support on a rainy day.
I realize, the extra shock meant I have.. I have to do some work. Not sleep. I very badly needed a make out session. Since, It could only be with her, Madeline. I decided to go in search of her. Turns out she was in the same place but a different department and with all the hectic schedule, it would really be difficult to have sex unless we knew before-hand our free time. So.. … ..
With her picture.. in my hands.. well not both obviously. I started working.
I dropped out.
A small passport size old photo of hers kept me going. ..
Finally.. (my wrist needs a release too!) ..
I am back.. back at BITS GOA!!!!! .. met her..
“Woah there.. wait a min.. so you just went back to the way things were before?.. dude.. breakups are tough.. you cannot just go back to being close in a sec.” ..
Amen, bro. Amen.
p.She always was more logical. She proposed that we date..
So.. I am now dating Madeline. B|
Things seem to be going in the right direction (if you know what I mean..) ..
And she looks so damn hot now!.. her curves missed the 10th grade, but made it by 12th.
So, now I am just another boy with a hot girl.. what is so weird in that?..
Also, I just realised.. cementing this with a marriage would mean heaven, but will have to wait a year for that.
I am assuming the above was pretty straightforward for everyone.
Replace Madeline with Math, to know how geeky I could be.
Maybe I am not so uptight at 4 in the morning..


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