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work 028 – SII Vol.1

Problem Prove that for positive reals with sum 1 , Proof Homogenize the inequality to – Since the inequality is cyclic, let Substitute – and let , The inequality by the above substitution is transformed to – By AM-GM inequality , therefore the inequality is true with equality which gives us the equality cases – […]


YEAH BABY… exams over !!! (well almost..) finally through with so much shit… time to enjoy !!!

work 027 – mathlinks user CSS-MU

Problem Let be nonnegative numbers, no two of which are zero. Prove that: Proof It is equivalent to – Therefore , Let , So, and also note that – thus the inequality is proved.

work 026 – CRUX Mathematicorum

Problem For positive reals prove that – Proof Let then the inequality is equivalent to – Obviously we have that – (since ) Also by AM-GM , multiplying these two we get the result with equality holding when

work 025 – Reflections issue 2010 : S 147

Problem Let . Prove that the following inequality holds –    My Solution  Set , and similarly that for any , where, we thus have that –  Thus, Therefore we have ,  Thus it is sufficient to prove that – By Holders’ Inequality , Equality occurs when Hence our proof is completed.

Own Inequalities

Problem 1 Show that positive reals such that,, Problem 2 Prove that the following inequalities hold for all  a,b,c – sides of a triangle Problem 3 Prove that for positive reals positive reals, Problem 4.  Prove that for positive reals a,b,c the following inequality holds good – Problem 5. Prove that for positive reals the […]

work 024 – mathlinks user wya

Problem Let be positive real numbers. Prove that Proof Let therefore , we have to prove that – which is true by C-S 🙂 Equality hold for $x=y=z$ .