Monthly Archives: January 2010

Strenghtened Inequalities

All through ,i have oberved that (in mathlinks) the new inequalities that come up are alluring to think easy and with sufficient thought they exactly reverse our impressions. I observed that ,they mostly involved some well known expressions and had been devised to particularly make them look tough. Take for example the following inequality – […]

A vague idea

i dont kno and i am not sure if this will be fruitful but i seem to have hit upon a new strategy while i was toying with this 3 variable inequality- For in the interval ┬áprove that, WHY NOT INCREASE THE VARIABLES? actually it was like when i saw this inequality i realised that […]

The SOS method

Fundamental Squares of all Real Numbers are non-negative This statement on very deep explorations leads us to this method given to prove inequalities involving big expression we shall first use algebraic methods to factor it into the following form- (we have to prove this) here note that are only real numbers implying they can be […]